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Being familiar with the different types of pediatric dental cleaning equipment can give you peace of mind as a parent, plus it can help you comfort your child and ease any of the anxieties they have about going to the dentist. Here are some of the tools to know:

Pediatric Dental X-Rays

Of course, you know what these are. Our X-ray machines help us identify and confirm any dental problems your child might have, but they also help us keep track of your child’s teeth and how they’re positioned over time. Over the years, we can see changes in the formation of the teeth, as well as the emergence of adult teeth.

Little Mirror

Dentists use little, round, handheld mirrors that have long handles so that they can see into every corner, groove, and crevice within the mouth. This tool is especially useful in spotting plaque and cavities.

Tooth Counter

While this pediatric dental cleaning tool has a pointed end and may appear scary, it’s not. The pointed end is held away from the mouth and out of your child’s line of sight. This tool is used for exactly what it sounds like it’s used for, plus it also helps our dental team check for any cavities.

Electric Toothbrush

It’s a dental cleaning, so it won’t surprise you that we use an electric toothbrush. To make the deep cleaning of your child’s teeth more pleasant, we can use a flavored, textured toothpaste that helps remove stains and plaque.

Saliva Ejector

This tool vacuums saliva during a dental examination and during a dental cleaning, it vacuums both saliva and water. The saliva ejector makes a suction-type sound and is often a part of the dental cleaning process that kids find fun, if not a little ticklish.

Dental Water Jet

This tool is used to rinse and flush your child’s mouth. The water pressure from this tool will help dislodge any particles within the mouth and is used in conjunction with the saliva ejector.

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If your child is due for a pediatric dental cleaning and you’re local to the North Port, Florida, area, there’s no better choice than to schedule an appointment with Cool Kid Dental. Dr. Frank C. Pettinato II, DMD, MS, and his team of wonderful dental assistants would be happy to give your child the best possible dental experience possible, setting them up for a lifetime of strong dental hygiene and good oral health.

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This is absolutely the very best dentist to take your child to. They were wonderful and treated my granddaughter fabulously. She loves going to Dr Pettinato  and I recommend them to everyone. Very very pleased and happy to go there. — Woodstock7357.
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