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There are potential issues your child can run into while wearing braces. The wires, the brackets, the bands, the spacers…there are so many parts involved! If something goes wrong, it’s ideal to make an appointment with Dr. Pettinato for repairs and to check that everything is properly in place. However, in the meantime, there are some steps you can take to handle problems until your child’s appointment for braces in North Port, FL:

#1: What to Do if a Wire Breaks

If a wire breaks, it is no longer effective in moving your child’s teeth. It’s imperative that you make an appointment right away to fix this issue. However, a broken wire is usually painful or annoying, as the wire may poke into the cheek or gums and create a sore.

Until your child can see Dr. Pettinato, try pushing the wire back up with a pencil to secure it. If this doesn’t work, use a bit of orthodontic wax to cover the end. If the wire has already created a sore, rinse with antiseptic or saltwater to prevent infection. Never try to cut the wire yourself.

#2: If a Bracket Becomes Loose

Brackets tend to come loose after eating crunchy or chewy foods. There is a layer of resin covering the tooth that the bracket is set on, and these tough foods can disrupt the stability of the resin. The bracket may move or break as a result.

Make an appointment with Dr. Pettinato in the case of a broken or loose bracket. In the meantime, you can use some orthodontic wax to cover the bracket to prevent it from poking your child’s cheek or tongue.

#3: What to Do if a Spacer Becomes Loose

The intention of spacers is to create gaps in your child’s teeth for bands to be placed. If the spacers become loose or fall out, make an appointment with our office. It is likely that your child is ready to have their bands put on.

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Dr. Frank Pettinato at Cool Kid Dental in North Port, Florida, is a Board-Certified pediatric dentist and member of the American Orthodontic Society. Together with our team of friendly dental professionals, Dr. Pettinato offers pediatric orthodontic solutions like Invisalign®, clear braces, and other advanced methods to help kids achieve their best smile and oral health. Contact Cool Kid Dental today at (941) 841-1010 to schedule your child’s appointment for braces or pediatric dental care.

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This is absolutely the very best dentist to take your child to. They were wonderful and treated my granddaughter fabulously. She loves going to Dr Pettinato  and I recommend them to everyone. Very very pleased and happy to go there. — Woodstock7357.
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